A mouse is a mouse is a mouse is a mouse.  Unless you're worried about allowing for additional discrete access to your machine that is, in which case if you're rocking a Mac it might be best to stick to an Apple mouse of some sort and if you're rockin' a windows box it might be best to get a Microsoft mouse since there's not much that Apple or Microsoft couldn't do already from within the actual machine and your OS. However, it seems contemporary design lured my eyeballs into ignoring any such sensibilities this time round in picking a budget priced mouse for the sake of saving myself from needing to deal with the inevitable fuss of having to replace a grotty and unresponsive track-pad for a laptop further down the line, which generally requires more effort (and in some cases more cost) then just replacing an external USB mouse. Not bad for a fiver, and overall it feels nicely weighted and relatively robust for something that looks kind of like an Audi or iRobot in mouse form from a design language standpoint. (maybe the tumbler but in white?). It's hardly gaming pedigree in terms of button count, but it is highly responsive and smoothly accurate in terms of tracking and feel just as a gaming mouse should be. The buttons also have a re-reassuringly solid mechanical feel when clicking. They haven't used any of that rubber stuff on it either meaning it will look new for longer since it won't be melting in your hand over time with the sweat and the bacteria off your hands eating into it. The cable flexes very easily too whilst feeling quite strong, meaning you won't get those urges of extreme annoyance as you might get with some computer mice where the lack of cable flex sometimes feels like it restricts movement and gets in the way at the most crucial moments causing you think it was the cause of your gaming failure (to then maybe flick the cable out in annoyance whilst maybe muttering under your breath after just being unnecessarily fragged). They've even gone to the effort of making the USB plug for it look sort of decent and none generic too.