I used to use Sony in ear headphones all the time back in the days of super walkman's and discman's. I used to get through fontopia headphones at roughly the rate of a pair a month at about 30 to 35 quid a pop (even with a wind up case for storing them). I think the longest they ever lasted back then was about 5 months tops if I was extra careful with them. Why the insistence of using them? The notion of £50 plus in ear headphones was just a foreign concept back then unlike today, £50 was generally the top end tier for in ears, and generally from testing many kinds they had the best sound on the market (possibly a subjective opinion). I reckon the fact that I used to use them whilst sleeping might have had something to do with them dying on me so quickly with the amount of stress the cables were put under. I eventually gave up on them after a couple of years on and off for obvious reasons. But after a long stay away it looks like I'm back on them for as sub- 30 quid alternative. How did they sound? Bass wasn't overly exaggerated (a good thing) but still plentiful. Mid's were clear but not as clean as higher end in ear's. highs's were also decent although a little rough at times where higher end in ears were able to keep things easy on the ears even with some slightly crap recordings. All in all not bad for under £30. Lets just hope these things last.