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...just a few drum'n'bass tracks I'm currently diggin' although some of them aren't the most current they'll probably be new to those not really full on into drum'n'bass that are finding that they're maybe acquiring a taste for it. There's a couple of chartier sounding dubstep tracks thrown in there (my feeble attempt to ease the none D'n'B bods in) as well as a few other dubstep tracks that I was seriously digging long before deadmau5 took the saw-edged electro bass grind to the masses that's now synonymous with dubstep on the mainstream arena and MS. I just felt the urge to put together a D'n'B set for once since I collect a fair bit of it but never really get chance to play it in generally hammering the house and techno all the time. Generally for the sake of image management we get told that serious DJ's are supposed to stick to specific genre brackets and be known for it in order to build and maintain any credibility. Either that or have a bunch of different alias for working different genres which would have gotten a little hectic in my case since my tastes in EDM are pretty broad. So here's me doing an occasional drum'n'bass set that I'm not really supposed to be doing under the one alias for being too lazy to have several for all the extended non-sense it could cause which encompasses stuff that doesn't even relate to dance music. Maybe think of it as an indulgent side room set just as I remember Goldie listed on flyers doing one off house sets from time to time years ago. ...enjoy!




I'm not sure what happened for this one, but it seemed worth picking from backlog of mixes I've got piling up on my hard drive as something to just throw on and listen to in the background. I think I'd maybe been exposed to a little more sunshine and cheese than usual that day, but it just seemed to flow off the back of a relationship headfuck some time back for a major serious digression from my more usual preferred bouts of tech, techno and minimal driven mix sets. I could only describe it as a bunch of none mainstream melodic sunshine pop sounding electronica that's interspersed with some rhythmic builders and a slight melancholic drop before imploding for a little resolve in a credit roll like finish in sound. Having just read that back to myself it doesn't make any sense at all, but it seemed to at the time of just going with the unexpected turn and flow of it from my cluttered digital record box. Although Unintentional I reckon my mother and little sisters would probably like it as a day out of some sort which might not necessarily be a good thing for any potential none mainstream credibility. Its not the kind of sound I'd go raving to, but it was listenable in an uplifting none trance kind of way. The guitar at the end goes all Stevie Wonder.








So I finally decided to get these mixes up and rather then having them sit around on my hard drive for others to pinch them from the cloud beyond the more regular internet route and use them all for gaming and do all the winning off my back (just one of many zero 4 owners), I decided it might be an idea to get them uploaded instead and maybe scratch some thread of a DJ/remix producer identity out. Yeah being a South American miner does suck donkey bollocks as we all did/still do it for the love of it for no glory in sight for decades carried through by our memories of honeymoon period clubbing fueled by Ecstasy dripping euphoria where we lived only for two days at the weekend riding the sounds that rubbed our spoiled audio palettes and eardrums up just the right way to heighten that rush and keep us moving. We get told to do it for the love of it as many (not all) with the means tell us the same shit to take what we do and use it for the money and to further their own careers.

But now as long forgotten South American miners still digging away for tiny fragments of precious substances David Guetta manages to DJ with all the volume faders down on his mixer whilst bouncing up and down and streaming all our efforts onto his floors. (...there not only being me who still owns and uses a zero 4 mixer in conjunction with Ableton live that play stuff more suited to Guetta's style). Then again he was used a bit like a sacrificial lamb against the backdrop of many more well renowned DJ's from a lesser known IT background or with connections to access the worldwide pool of Windows users accounts geared towards digital audio production and digital DJing doing the same kind of thing whether these user machines were connected to the internet or not. No internet connection required.

Anyhow this is but one of a whole bunch of mixes of the techno genre in this series and is pretty much a partial reflection of the types of techno I dig. Its the most recent one to stand out of what was once a regular series of bi to tri weekly 2 to 3 hour stints. As you can see not all the mixes on this page are of the techno leaning but they are all listed in chronological order of when they were put together and not any in order of preference or importance. The most recent created being at the top. (a lot like a blog roll). If I had a slot at a club this particular meandering mix I'd be playing on a specialist Techno night.


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