words & image source/photographer : Eksovichea Tito Hak

Essentially an android app that will allow you to control Canon DSLR's via an android phone or tablet whilst also giving you a live-view on your android device screen. The size of the live-view display that you can use is only limited by the size of your android devices screen. The live-view stream to your android device can be rendered at up to 30 fps if you're using a direct USB cable connection. I'm not sure how it handles over a wi-fi connection since the Canon DSLR that I have at my disposal doesn't have wi-fi capabilities and I've not been able to test it, but I'm guessing you might have to reduce the FPS for a wireless live-view stream (if it doesn't actually do it itself due to bandwidth limitations). 

All the control features of the DSLR are accessible via the on-screen control system of the DSLR controller app on your android device. 

It also adds the additional feature of touch to focus via your touch-screen android device if you're using a Canon dslr that doesn't have a touch-screen. All this means is that you can focus on any subject within the camera frame simply by touching it on the screen of your android device via the DSLR controller app.

Although its a Beta app its not free, and it'll set you back 5.95GBP. However what you get for your money is a highly polished feature packed application that seems to work perfectly thus far. No doubt new features and additional refinements to the app will be added with updates. The maker of the app also stresses that its not compatible with all android devices, but there's a free app that you can download to test for this before buying DSLR controller Beta called 'remote release' which allows you to control the shutter release of your Canon DSLR, again just like DSLR controller this can be done via a direct USB cable connection or wi-fi depending on which you prefer and whether your Canon DSLR has built in wi-fi capabilities or not. But you might want to consider that a direct USB cable connection is much faster.  You can get to the official site by clicking this.