words & image source/photographer : Eksovichea Tito Hak

Maybe you blew 50 quid on a class 10 16GB mobi eye-fi SD card with the intention of adding some fast and fuss free wi-fi capabilities to your compact camera or DSLR,... only to realise too late that the mobi versions compatibility is limited to android and iOS devices via the freely downloadable software. ...camera wi-fi adding fail fail. 

Yup, it turns out that you need the pro x 2 version of the eye-fi card if you want fully supported laptop/desktop wireless image transfer capabilities.

However worry not as help is at hand, it looks like eye-fi have now finally decided to release the desktop app for the mobi version of their eye-fi card for Joe public's use. You can download it right now in Beta form by registering your name and email address with them at their website