words and image source/photographer : Eksovichea Tito Hak

Laptop bags for 17 inch monsters of a decent quality and decent design tend to be far and few between. Even amidst the rare few manufacturers that are willing to provide for such uncommon 'want to port' laptop dimensions, they're usually a little hit and miss in terms of actual fit. Then you also have the extremes of visually pleasing design at a premium, cheese grater like visual appearance but extreme quality in terms of strength/durability, or the more unfortunate offerings that fall apart in a matter of days.

Then you have the Tenba PM17C. Although I've personally never used them before, Tenba are generally better known for their premium priced pro camera carrying solutions. The Tenba PM17C combines pro camera carrying needs with uncommon 17 inch laptop carrying antics. 

From a visual design standpoint it looks extremely understated and functional in black. It's sort of military canvas look is not going to be scoring you any 'must have hot to trot look' points that's for sure. But at the same time it doesn't make you cringe at how eye sore lame it looks as many other more substance over style laptop bags might. But if you are looking for something a little more flashier it is also available in other more vibrant primary colours too. Visual aesthetics aside and more importantly, this bag feels extremely well made and rugged.

Although it's a camera bag, it could more or less be used as a slightly more stylish and highly functional no frills 17 inch laptop messenger bag. The laptop compartment fits a 17 inch Dell precision M6400 or M6600 workstation perfectly whilst leaving a decent amount of room in the front compartment for a mid sized DSLR and a couple of large lenses. Inside the bag; it's DSLR camera carrying intentions are obvious with the types of reconfigurable padded dividers, compartments and pockets it has. There's also a quick access zip opening with secondary internal cover to keep everything fastened down and your snapper gear safe without having to open the whole thing up.

For me personally its definitely a welcome replacement for my old messenger bag which is fraying and coming apart at the seams. The inner faux nu-back finish of my old bag was also starting to crumble and fall into the bag to get everywhere all over and inside my stuff, and I still can't scrape enough of it off to make my old bag sort of usable again. So this might have also added to my positive opinion of having acquired a new workhorse messenger bag so to speak. Regardless of which I can most certainly vouch for it's overall feel of durability and seeming strength. My old bag doesn't feel anywhere near as durable as this, and that lasted me for over 5 years with very regular use. Another 5 years also seems like a very long time to wait before being able to say anything more about this Tenba bag.