[Unknown Compound Stream Type]

 This happens all too often in Ableton at the most inopportune times. Usually 2 or 3 times on each new version of live that I've used. But more often then not its accompanied with the notice of the saved live set having been opened in a newer version of Ableton live. The odd thing is that the corrupted saved set in question every time its happened has only ever been used in the one version of Ableton live and no other. It even happens without any use of any kind of additional VST plugins at all. It only seems to happen on some of the best projects and live sets too. Even after nearly 7 years of using Ableton its still a problem that hasn't been solved with any kind of way to recover the files on any of the forums. Even stranger I was able to open the set the previous night close it twice to then shut the machine down. I even turned my machine on and re-opened the project again to review the set again before shutting it down again. Now more then 24 hours on I get this stupid error again. How does this happen and why has there not been a single fix for it in over 7 years?