I was already gutted that my original Pacemaker device had died on me, but rather than mourn it's passing into expensive paperweight status I thought it was just time to move on to pastures new and familiarize myself with the Pacemaker app on a Blackberry Playbook. The only problem was from what I just saw of a beta version of the Pacemaker app running on the Playbook, there seems to be quite a lot of Latency delay in the demo version. There was virtually none at all with the original Pacemaker device in terms of control input and response time. I wonder what the final app performs like in its most current build?

Even more off putting was the fact that the Blackberry playbook has no official means of allowing for stereo pre-mix monitoring and a stereo main room output via a separate audio outputs at the same time. However the original Pacemaker device did. 

Even stranger was the fact that the Blackberry Playbook has a mini-USB port as well as a HDMI out port too, but yet there has still been no kind of official accessory or software patch released to the public consumer user base that will allow for a separate Stereo main room/mix/post mix output via these means. I do find it difficult to believe that the developers/makers don't already have some means of doing this on the Playbook themselves already, and the pacemaker app on the Blackberry Playbook does seem rather incomplete without it.

The only means I've discovered thus far of having independent pre-mix monitoring and a main room/mix/post mix out signal is to use a 3.5mm jack griffin DJ signal splitter. However the claims regarding what this does on the Blackberry Playbook are mixed. 

The griffin 3.5mm DJ signal splitter on the iPad (which it was originally designed for) only gives you a mono signal for pre-mix monitoring in your headphones and a mono signal for the main room/mix/post mix out when used with an iPad. It assigns one to the left channel and the other to the right channel.

However in regards to the Pacemaker app on the Blackberry playbook... 

...some sources claim that it's able to give you separate stereo pre-mix monitoring and stereo main room/mix/post mix out via the use of same cable. The answer was also given via an over elaborate technical explanation that just convoluted the answer based on technicalities that just didn't even make any sense at all to ultimately be irrelevant to the original question. 

Other sources claim that when using the Griffin DJ signal splitter cable with a Blackberry Playbook it has exactly the same results as it does when using it with the iPad. 

The original question was, will using the Griffin DJ signal splitter cable allow me to separately pre-mix monitor in my headphones with a stereo signal whilst also allowing for a main room/mix/post mix out stereo signal at the same time? 

The answer is either going to be a simple yes or no. 

If yes, whoopie-F*ckin-dOO! crack open the fizzy pop and break out the candy. (although I could imagine there might be a lot of signal output deterioration using a signal splitter cable rather than having two separate dedicated audio outputs like on the original Pacemaker device and professional DJ gear in general)

If no, I'll pack up now and work on getting me an original Pacemaker device again.

Another option that didn't seem available (but was most likely already explored and refined in lab to not have been released for consumer end user use for whatever reason) was the option to have a headphone out for dedicated pre-mix monitoring and possibly use Bluetooth streaming for the main room/mix/post mix audio output. Although the Bluetooth audio streaming won't necessarily be as good a quality as using an actual digital/analogue signal audio out. 

The Playbook just seems like its been seriously gimped for general public release in holding back on a bunch of maybe already refined features for the Pacemaker app which they've no doubt already refined behind closed doors in the unofficial Sony sub-division seemingly following the "make believe" moto. Many of these things that seem missing could have quite easily been implemented by the likes of Sony for final release. Its like they're waiting on certain factors/things to happen before slowly drip feeding them onto the Pacemaker app project for general consumer users to access and use. For something that was being touted as custom hardware that was partly specifically developed with the Pacemaker app in mind, it seems strange that they didn't include some means of properly pre-mix monitoring with a separate main room out signal.   
Generally though if looking at it from a different perspective... alternative solutions for mixing to a room/over a sound system with Blackberry Playbooks instead of just in your cans? (besides using the built in can like sounding speakers of the playbook)

Use 2 Blackberry playbooks hooked up to a mixer instead of a pair of CDJ's? Since £200 for 2 independent devices (fully functional decks) is a damn sight cheaper than a single NEXUS2000 CDJ deck. Although in doing it this way there'd be no way to natively record your mixes on the actual Blackberry Playbooks although you could potentially rock a party.