It feels just about the right time to pick up on the trail of techno where I'd left off quite a while ago. I've hit one of those points where things kind of sound fresh again on this particular musical strain having stepped back from it all for a while. But as with anything pretty much everything becomes stale when you've had your head buried deep in it all looking for something fresh having been desensitised and spoiled by all the latest and greatest without any kind of break from the specialised splintered pigeon hole placements. Generally without going with the sensibility of stepping back from time to time and doing something else there's the danger of either peddling the same old shit (if you've not actually got bored with it) or the danger of becoming a little too avant guard, although it is a kind of double edged sword, because generally if you mange to pull it off  you'll be seen to be as being a little ahead of your time, but if its shit you'd generally come off as being over indulgent with a warped perception that's been a little over cooked/fried. Even some of the harder taints of quirky bubbling techno that places like Voodoo in Liverpool was renowned for before it went under seems to have definitely evolved, where as at one point whilst sifting through all the new releases much of it seemed to kind of get stuck somewhere in 95 - 96. It was still kind of like that having taken a break from it to get back to seriously sniffing out techno tracks again between 2002 into 2007 amidst the few that might have truly stood out. The good stuff was definitely being kept back! In fact it was still kind of like that with a whole bunch of it getting in the way of the new release section on many digital download sites going into 2011 making the task of hunting out new stuff more long and drawn out then it needed to be. (beyond those few tracks that were intentionally placed in my path knowing full well I'd snap them up without question which were too far and few between). There's a fair few remakes of the bubbling quirky underground jackin' techno leaning that sound like they could have come straight out of 95 to 97, but seemingly with a much fresher approach and cleaner sound more in line with what was happening with how modern minimal is in terms of production and sound engineered on the remake. Some of them seemed a lot more rhythmic whilst still managing to remain distinctly tech and techno with that defining jaunty shake to them that set many of them apart and drew me to the sound in the first place. Kicking off the series, a set from a man who's been working this scene for a long time, presenting a set from Joseph Capriati. His sound has evolved rapidly in the last 5 years alone in both production and DJ style whilst remaining faithful to the techno genre under this particular producer/DJ alias. Definitely has a larger room feel to it. Apparently its not the freshest DJ set in being labeled up as being from April 2012, but in this digital age who knows, it could be newer than stated.