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Welcome to the floor (original version) - (][E_T][)

Posted by Eksovichea Tito Hak on Monday, February 8, 2016, In : Genre: Tech house (deep) 

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Soul 2 Soul (John Dalagelis Remix) - Rey Aguilar - Fade Records 075

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Thursday, October 28, 2010, In : Genre: Tech house (deep) 

Unfinished business with the this unashamedly heavily tech'd out house re-lick with a soulful lean of the soul2soul classic. Deep and sultry are definitely a couple of words that come to mind over its steady rhythmic beckon as the bass resonates with warmth under haunting warped piano.
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E k s o v i c h e a  T i t o  H a k

 Lo n d o n  ,  U . K . 






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