I remember how I found a single solitary track that stood out whilst sifting through a stack of stuff that just weren't up-to much one dark cold winter a couple of years ago. It was one of about maybe 15 to 20 whittled down from a final short listed 200 to 300 that made it to my "(s)" folder. (the "s" being for select). In the olden days of vinyl it might have been something I would have played in very measured doses just so as not to overplay it in some bid to always keep it sounding fresh to my mind, (whilst also maybe being a little guarded about the title and artist name). Even if everyone else who had it had maybe hedonistically rinsed it to the point of neural flat lining and nausea every time they heard it.

The candy like spoken re-collections just seemed to fit the premise of a mix set I'd had in mind for some time against a kind of measured minimal approach. The track ultimately placed an at the time random and new name a midst a collection of tracks that I'd been building up and keeping back, they were generally perfect for getting a little sleazy chic whilst keepin' it classy in the smaller rooms. Then maybe a year or so later I went all out with guns blazing to put the first volume of the Red room mix together without holding anything back (volume 2 is gonna be tough).

Since first encountering her track a couple of years ago I've seen snippets of her antics in various DJ culture press plotting her rise through the ranks of Hawtins Minus tours a midst various other bits and pieces. But nothing that really give me much insight as to what she was about. Who is Nina Kraviz? (...aside from the seeming spoken worded piece over her track that launched her).

Generally not the person I thought both in terms of physical appearance and origin. But in this world of role players what is real and what isn't where rock on roll stars and Hollywood actresses can live on doing what they do beyond the grave after fading from the lime light in tragic style. Still though, the piece of the illusion and dream they sold me had me drawn in to be kind of fascinated by her. Having said that there was something that just felt a little contrived and carefully worded about this snippet of visually slick video insight. But even with this perceptual taint whilst watching it, my less cynical side was still kind of taken with the air of sun shine like haze accenting a certain bohemic charm serving as the back drop for more of her verbally articulated mind shots about the scene and what she does. Other than that it was saying nothing new about the grueling jet set tour schedules in between the more glamorous sides people see and want, the weird slave to pleasure scenario in living the dream which becomes a sort of weird hell. But if nothing else it kind of reminded me I needed to get on a dance-floor at some point with some candies of choice to fire up what it was that kept the passion for it burning,... I almost forgot the one golden rule for selection. If it didn't make me want to move or do anything to move me in my mind or in real, there was no way it was going to move anyone else no matter how I tried to dress it up, and even if it did get people fired up without you necessarily feeling it, it'd no doubt start to feel a little empty in purpose in maybe hitting one of those moments of deeper reflection when depression hits from time to time for whatever reason.